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  • Automobile Accidents

    auto accident

    A lawyer can collect damages for your family by proving that the guilty party was negligent. A person is negligent when...

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  • Injuries


    If you have been injured, or one of your loved ones have been injured, the attorneys at Glass Law Group located in Delray Beach...

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  • Slip and Falls

    slip and fall

    A lawsuit can be filed whan an injury occurs as a result of a fall or failure to keep premises safe, if the property owner was...

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    traumatic brain injury

    Glass Law Group has considerable expertise representing individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries and close head injuries...

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  • Estates and Trusts

    wills and trust

    If you own property and you are concerned about who will ultimately receive the property, then you need a will. Regardless of...

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  • Business Litigation

    business litigation

    Glass Law Group has litigated many areas of law including banking issues, foreclosures, real estate matters including zoning...

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